Sitges 2015 – The Trailer

cartell_sitges_2015_2Who’s to say if it’s excitement,boredom or simply just too much time on our hands, but inspired by the announcement the other day we’ve decided to create a trailer for this year’s festival.

It contains footage from some of the films that have been announced so far (we couldn’t find trailers for all of them) and it’s completely whetted our appetite for the feast to come later in the year.

Gentlemen (and ladies) behold….

Attack On Sitges


It was great to have The Godfather of Sitges, Santiago, back at the festival last year and if there’s one thing that has a chance of enticing him once more it’s got to be the “giant-humanoids-eating-little-humans-for-no-good-reason” mayhem that is ATTACK ON TITAN. We’re not too keen on the live-action film version but the Anime TV series was amazing so we’re made up that the festival has decided to present a “redux for cinema” version of the same.

MR NOBODY was a personal Sitges favourite back in 2010 so it’s great to see director Jaco Van Dormael back this year with LE TOUT NOUVEAU TESTAMENT. And it will be interesting to see how the Goetz brothers handle the remake of MARTYRS (something originally touted back in 2010), a film that caused a ruckus in the Corridorstyle camp back at Sitges 2008.

Head over here to the festival website to see what else they’re lining up. There’s already so much to get excited about and this is just the first wave of films for the program

Just A Heads Up…..


It’s been all quiet from us since last year’s festival, but we just wanted to give a quick heads up about a tweet from the festival that you can find HERE.

They are teasing us with news of an announcement on Thursday regarding the advanced line-up. We don’t need to tell you how excited we are about this news, and you can be rest assured that we’ll be uploading news and previews right up until the festival starts.

See you in El Cable, the meatballs are on us!

I Have A Dream……….


…..Where I’m being chased down narrow, cobbled streets by a huge floating eyeball while rotting flesh claws at me from every doorway and the incessant moan of zombies echos off the walls…………..Fortunately, we get to live the dream every October. It’s the Sitges Internation Film Festival and here’s a teaser of what’s in store:

666 Reasons Why We Love The Sitges Festival


Though we’re often our own worst enemy in terms of distractions at the festival it’s not exactly helping our cause when Moritz and El Cable conspire (with the Devil) and come up with 666 reasons to tempt us away from the festival program. That being said we may be trying a little too hard to stay off the Sitges sauce by going with DRUG WAR as our first film. Johnnie To IS a legend of that we’re in no doubt, we’re just not sure about him kicking off our festival.

Time, tickets and tapas allowing, here are the 666 24 films we’ve lined up for this year:

























Three Weeks And Counting

El Cable ZombiesAt this morning’s press conference Angel mentioned there would be some 150 films screened at this year’s festival so we need to make a decision on whether we watch every single one of them……….or whether we skip a few and allow ourselves some tourist-time and get elbows deep in cerveza and tapas at Sitges’ most zombie friendly bar EL CABLE……..

To help us to decide whether to watch a film or get drunk we’re compiling a list of the films showing at this year’s festival

Corridorstyle’s IMDB Film List Sitges 2013

Officially Fantastic – And Here’s The Line-Up To Prove It

As if we weren’t already drooling sufficiently in anticipation of the festival’s full program announcement this week, the organisers have seen fit to sound an additional Pavlovian bell in the form of The Official Fantastic Selection line-up. And it does look juicy.

Roth, Rodriguez, Gilliam, Wan……. Sitges continues to present cinema’s big hitters within the most diverse festival program around. Now if only the organisers could come up with a way to stay awake 24/7 we’d be laughing.

And a quick heads up to our friends over at the “The Taking” film. Here’s a taster of one we’re hoping to catch at the festival.

Not ‘Toons For Tots

BrazilAnimation is not exactly our strong suit and tends to occupy only a small corner of our festival program. Anything with a unique visual style or narrative has typically caught our attention in previous years and examples such as RENAISSANCE, PRINCESS, AACHI & SSIPAK, ATHF, PANIQUE AU VILLAGE stick in the memory for just those reasons.

Last year we were excited to see Korea enter the fray with THE KING OF PIGS which certainly stood out visually and promised the sort of dark, disturbing story line we’ve come to expect from Yeon Hang-so’s live action compatriots. While PIGS ultimately fell short of our expectations it’s good to see the director back again this year with the similarly stylised THE FAKE.

We’ve not really bought into the rebirth of 3D but it’s certainly been embraced by the festival and put to good use by Asia’s animation power houses as evidenced this year with big hitters SPACE PIRATE CAPTAIN HARLOCK & 009 RE: CYBORG.

With the addition of the highly anticipated latest EVANGELION installment and the ambitious RIO 2096, the organisers look to be pulling  together another impressive animation program, while aiming to cement the festival’s increasing significance on the world stage by also hosting “the animation world’s first professional summit”.

Space Pirate Captain Harlock heads a spectacular animation selection at Sitges 2013

But We Thought The World Ended Last Year?

world's endIf Edgar Wright wasn’t such a slouch he could have had the final installment of the trilogy wrapped up in time for last year’s festival when it would have been wholly more appropriate.

However, Edgar’s a bit of a big cheese around Sitges having charmed the festival back in 2007 so we’ll cut him some slack and just be thankful that the organizers have snagged THE WORLD’S END for this year’s program.

In other news, having enjoyed Jim Mickle’s STAKE LAND at the 2010 festival it will be interesting to see how he handles the remake of WE ARE WHAT WE ARE which we saw the same year but found a little hard to swallow (ahem!)

E-VEEL, like it’s the FRU-ETS of the DEV-EEL.

only_god_forgives_1“A line-up that will witness the re-birth of evil and its many faces”.

The organisers have now released a first look at this year’s film program and, to be honest, we didn’t really have to read beyond the bits where ONLY GOD FOGIVES and UPSTREAM COLOR were mentioned. Count us in!

First look at the line-up for the 46th edition of the Sitges Film Festival

There’s the usual bumper collection from Asia too so all’s well with the world. This is where we begin to digest & regurgitate the festival program in an attempt to compile our own list of must-see films. We’ll keep you posted as to how we’re getting on so check back once in a while.