Not ‘Toons For Tots

BrazilAnimation is not exactly our strong suit and tends to occupy only a small corner of our festival program. Anything with a unique visual style or narrative has typically caught our attention in previous years and examples such as RENAISSANCE, PRINCESS, AACHI & SSIPAK, ATHF, PANIQUE AU VILLAGE stick in the memory for just those reasons.

Last year we were excited to see Korea enter the fray with THE KING OF PIGS which certainly stood out visually and promised the sort of dark, disturbing story line we’ve come to expect from Yeon Hang-so’s live action compatriots. While PIGS ultimately fell short of our expectations it’s good to see the director back again this year with the similarly stylised THE FAKE.

We’ve not really bought into the rebirth of 3D but it’s certainly been embraced by the festival and put to good use by Asia’s animation power houses as evidenced this year with big hitters SPACE PIRATE CAPTAIN HARLOCK & 009 RE: CYBORG.

With the addition of the highly anticipated latest EVANGELION installment and the ambitious RIO 2096, the organisers look to be pulling  together another impressive animation program, while aiming to cement the festival’s increasing significance on the world stage by also hosting “the animation world’s first professional summit”.

Space Pirate Captain Harlock heads a spectacular animation selection at Sitges 2013

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