2016 Film Previews

There was a time when the festival’s official website wasn’t quite the complete article it has now evolved into and it was left to the likes of yours truly to gather up whatever net snippets we could for ALL the films announced in that year’s program. Now Angel and his team are doing such a sterling job on their site we’ll instead focus our efforts SOLELY on the films that have caught our eye and therefore have a chance of making the Corridorstyle short-list.

They’ll appear below as a clickable link as and when the organisers throw us dogs a bone.

The Greasy Strangler

Before I Wake


The Silenced

El Ataud De Cristal

Let Me Make You A Martyr

If Cats Disappeared From The World

Herederos De La Bestia

The Wailing


The Handmaiden

Le Secret De La Chambre Noir



I Am Not A Serial Killer


Operation Avalanche

Without Name

Le Complexe De Frankenstein