We’ve included below our thoughts and suggestions to help maximize your Festival going experience. After all, if you can save a few £, $, or €’s on the basics, you can always treat yourself to a front row seat at The Midnight Extreme.

Scroll down to find (in order): GO/SLEEP/EAT


To/From Sitges – Air

As well as Barcelona’s EL PRAT airport, visitors flying into the festival have the option to touch down at either GIRONA (GERONA) or REUS as both airports offer onward travel options to Sitges.

Skyscanner is a handy resource for comparing flight times and prices


And below is a great resource for the various transport options between the airports, Barcelona and Sitges


Note: The train option between Barcelona airport and Sitges can be confusing at first sight because there is no direct service. You have to take the RENFE C2 NORD train from the airport but then get off at the very first station (El Prat De Llobregat) in order to change to the Sitges train on the RENFE C2 SUD line.


We’ve include below a step-by-step summary to hopefully put you on the right track.

  1. Access to the airport train station is from Terminal 2B, via the same set of escalators that lead up to departures from the  check-in desk zone (there are also RENFE signs pointing to the escalators).
  2. From the top of the escalators follow the RENFE signs across the covered walkway that leads to the train station (5 minute walk)
  3. Once at the station tickets can be purchased from several automatic machines by the station entrance. Festival goers should select Sitges as their destination and this ticket can then be used to pass through the automatic barriers to gain access to the platform (RENFE assistants are usually present at the station)
  4. At this point you DO NOT need to look for platform numbers or destinations as you can simply board the first train that arrives at the platform. This is because you will be getting off at the very first station (El Prat De Llobregat – where you transfer to trains for Sitges) and ALL trains departing the airport station will stop there. The journey takes around 5 minutes.
  5. Get off the airport train at El Prat De Llobregat and exit the platform via the escalator leading up towards the station exit. At the top of the escalator turn left and walk across to the other side of the station (30 metres) turn left again and take the escalator down to the next platform.
  6. The train for Sitges follows the “R2 Sud” line which services the towns of Viladecans, Gava, Castelldefels (& Playa), Sitges, & Vilanova i la Geltru. IMPORTANT NOTE: Here you need to check the train’s final destination (indicated on the front of the train) as some of the trains only go as far as Castelldefels i.e they do NOT continue on to Sitges. Make sure your train indicates destination Vilanova G or St Vincenc de calders (see the link below for further information and time tables)
  7. There are electronic arrival/departure boards on the platform which indicate the time until the next train arrives and the destination.
  8. Journey time to Sitges is around 25 minutes. As well as audio announcements the train carriages usually have an internal electronic display indicating the next station so keep an eye out for Sitges.
  9. Get off at Sitges and (usually) take the stairs down from the platform, through the pedestrian tunnel beneath adjacent tracks, and back up to the main Sitges station and beyond to the town itself. The station is close to the centre of town and many of the hotels (less than 30 minutes walk to the beach) but taxis are available.



To/From Sitges – Car

If you’re driving from Barcelona you can take the C-32 highway towards Sitges and get off at exit 31 “Sitges Nord”, exit 30 “Sitges Centre” or exit 29 “Sant Pere de Ribes”. This fast route goes through the Garraf tunnels and you must pay a toll.

You can also get off the C-32 highway at the “Castelldefels platja” exit and take the C-31 or the Costes (Coastal) road to Sitges to the town entrance in the Aiguadolc neighborhood. This possibility also gives you the option to access Sitges Les Botigues and the town of Garraf.

If you’re driving from Tarragona on the C-32 highway you can get off at exit 29 “Sant Pere de Ribes” or exit 30 “Sitges Centre”

To/From Sitges – Train

If you’re taking the train from Barcelona or Sant Vicenc de Calders you can take line 2 of Renfe’s suburban train that stops at the Sitges and Garraf  stations.

For more information visit:



To/From Sitges – Bus

If you’re coming by bus you can take Monbus’ Intercity bus that runs both day and night and connects Sitges with other neighboring cities.

For more information visit




Sitges has a wealth of choice when it comes to hotels, however, we’ve only provided details for the ones we’ve stayed at while at the festival.

Hotel Calipolis (www.hotelcalipolis.com)

Hotel Subur (www.hotelsubur.com)

Hotel Celimar Centre (Piccadilly) (www.hotelcelimarcentre.com)

Hotel Galeon (www.hotelsitges.com)

Hotel Platjador (www.hotelsitges.com)

For additional information try: www.alpharooms.com / www.hotelsitges.com


Once again Sitges is blessed with more than it’s fair share of great venues to carb-up between cinema sessions so it’s a good idea to just hit the pavement in order to find your own oasis. However, having dedicated countless hours of research on the subject, we feel we can confidently recommend the following as some of the top spots around:

El Cable – C.Barcelona 1 Sitges (www.elcable.cat)

An absolute gem of a bar and our go-to retreat during the festival. Glorious tapas & a great selection of wines and beers served in one of the best atmospheres around, especially during the festival when they show some classic movies in the bar. You may struggle to work out their opening hours (actually, they now state them on their website) but, when you do, be sure to get there early as it’s not long before the crowd spills out onto the street.

Lizarran restaurant – Sant Pau 3 Sitges (see map)

The main draw here is the fantastic selection of great tasting hot & cold pintxos (tapas on a toothpick) and long-pour cider. Stay for 5 minutes or 5 hours, either way this is a stone-cold banker during the festival.

El Donostiarra – Carrer Nou 14 Sitges (see map)

We’ll recommend this one with a whisper as we feel we’re cheating on our wife El Cable. Small but perfectly formed with a fantastic selection of great tasting tapas. Wash it all down with some snappy cidra or velvety house vermouth.

Nou Cafe Del Mon – C.Illa de Cuba 43 Sitges (see map)

The red wine has a lot to answer for in this place! Originally chosen for its close proximity to the Casino Prado cinema (it used to be located on C. Francesc Guma), and therefore a great spot to refuel before the next film, Del Mon’s relaxed bohemian atmosphere quickly became a Sitges institution for us. The change of location, although only a couple of minutes away, has seen us spend a little less time at the cafe, but this is still a great place to kick back & chill-out.

Road Cafe – C.Parellades 26 Sitges (see map)

It’s difficult to remain unbiased on the Road Cafe so we won’t even try. Perhaps nothing special to look at, maybe not the finest food in Sitges, & probably not the largest selection of beers/wines/cocktails, however, to dwell over such trivialities would be to miss the allure of this bar entirely. Pull up a chair outside and within no time at all Hernan Juan (the boss) will enlighten you. Sitges sassiest joint by far.

Tres Quarts Bar – C.Bonaire 36 Sitges (see map)

Though technically billed as a rugby bar (which it is) don’t be put off by thoughts of having to scrum your way to the bar with your ears taped back and your head between some hooker’s legs (there are plenty of other bars in Sitges specifically set-up for that). A great place to watch sports of any kind (Football/Soccer in our case) with like minded souls. Nicely laid out with a good selection of beers (inc. Staropramen) and great toasties.

Can Xavi Bar/Pizzeria – Plaza Doctor Robert 5 Sitges (see map)

One of two bar/restaurants on this quasi-plaza a few minutes from The Auditori. When timing your film-watching schedule be sure to allow an extra hour for making your Auditori screenings. Firstly, the “stroll” up from the town can be deceptive, especially if Sitges has cranked the heat up. Secondly, all that hard toil should be rewarded with a cold beer and Can Xavi’s tree-shaded plaza is the perfect spot to quench that thirst  A cracking daily menu (including great pizzas & toasties) ensures this place is buzzing soon after the Auditori’s house lights come up.

Hotel Platjador Rooftop Bar – Passeig de la Ribera 35  (www.hotelsitges.com)

Originally a bonus bar when staying at the Platjador or Galeon hotels thanks to the free Cava voucher that came with your room key, this rooftop retreat is actually open to non-residents and has become another of our firm festival favourites. Rarely crowded, the open sided/open air section offers uninterrupted sea views and a relaxed oasis from the zombie packs roaming the streets below.

Bar El Corner – C Espalter 2 Sitges (see map)

Not a bad boozer in itself, though there are more Sitges-esque bars to drink in the atmosphere during the festival, El Corner  comes into its own during any down time you may find yourself with between films (yeah right!). An olympic arena for drinkers with more pool tables, darts boards and slot machines than you can shake your Balabushka at.

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