Somebody should be crucified for this

Following similar gripes about planned remakes of OLDBOY (Sitges 2004 – thankfully still on the drawing board) and LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (Sitges 2008 – we played mardy and refused to watch the remake LET ME IN screened at this year’s festival), we’re to be reminded once more that we, as speakers of the English language, are just not that into foreign language films and the only thing for it is to repackage them without those annoying subtitle-type-thingys at the bottom of the screen.

The LA Times have a piece (HERE) on how Pascal Laugier’s MARTYRS (Sitges 2008 – Colin loved it, Shaun didn’t. Get the wine in) is to be remade for American audiences with Daniel Stamm (THE LAST EXORCISM) at the helm.

The opinion we voiced previously was nothing new for those opposed to these kinds of remakes but we’re going to bleat it out again anyway as we’re firmly in the camp that believe the original films have far more to offer before Hollywood breaks out the make-up.

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