We can think of “no reason” to like this.

Although it appears to have had a mixed reception in some quarters Quentin Dupieux’s RUBBER certainly left its (skid) mark on us at this year’s Sitges Festival (see Day 3 of our 2010 Blog).

In a recent interview with Todd Gilchrist over at the WSJ’s Speakeasy Dupieux explains how the killer tire popped into existence.

RUBBER director Quentin Dupieux on why he made a movie about a killer tire.

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One thought on “We can think of “no reason” to like this.

  1. I really hated Rubber!!! What could have been quite an inspired idea with references from David Lynch, to the horrors of the 50s and 60s, Carpenter’s Christine, and even Duel and Wall-E, in the end comes out as a smug, indulgent and self-congratulatory exercise which should have probably stayed a short film.



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