Good To Know We’re Not The Only Ones

Though not necessarily what we expected we liked Gareth Edwards’ MONSTERS when we saw it at Sitges this year. We unfortunately didn’t bump into Gazza at the festival otherwise we would have bought him a beer but it’s nice to know he enjoyed himself while he was there:

(From an interview by Kurt Halfyard ( posted at  Twitch (

Kurt Halfyard: Hi, How are you doing today?

Gareth Edwards: I’m good, how are you, are you doing OK?

KH:  Fine.  I am glad we finally got a chance to sit down and talk, because I missed you in Toronto and then I just missed you again in Spain.  How was your Sitges experience?

GE:  It was great!  I think that out of all the festivals they have it down the most, everything run so well in one location!

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One thought on “Good To Know We’re Not The Only Ones

  1. “Monsters” was a case where the “making of” the film was more interesting than the film itself (i.e. the fact that is was made with a micro-budget and yet it looked like a multimillion blockbuster.
    Not a bad film, but not one that will get repeated viewings…at least not for me.
    My reviews:

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