Mason and Howard. Not lacking in LUSTER.

Good news from Todd Brown over at Twitch with THIS PIECE on the latest installment from the collaborative force that is Adam Mason and Simon Boyes. Throw in Andrew Howard (Wales’ answer to Jason Statham), the man who has the enviable pleasure, and uncanny knack, of bringing to life the twisted imaginations of Mason & Boyes, and this has the Corridostyle team’s full and undivided attention. And that’s before we even get around to blurting out repeatedly (in an overly-excited schoolboy crush kind of way) that LUSTER will also be bringing the eye-catching talents of Holly Valance to the screen.

We unfortunately didn’t make it to the screening of Mason & Boyes’ 2009 collaboration BLOOD RIVER at this year’s Sitges festival (Shaun had actually already seen it anyway) but Mr Mason kindly gave us the opportunity to view their impressively crafted experimental horror PIG earlier this year.

Our very first experience of this trio revelling in each other’s company was during Sitges 2007 with the excellent THE DEVIL’S CHAIR. In that mind f*ck gore-fest Howard carried off “insane” all too convincingly and judging from LUSTER’s Synopsis, with its two lead characters being one and the same, it looks like these three are going to have plenty of fun messing with our minds once more. (and what a great one sheet for LUSTER by the way)

And if you fancy listening in on how the minds of  Mason & Boyes warp together then check out their Podcast series where they “ramble on about their lives both professional and personal and the experience of being a Brit trying to make it in LA”.

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