A Quick Heads Up…

So, esentially this is a news post to say that there’s actually no news yet. Clever, huh? Well, although there’s not any confirmed news, there’s plenty to speculate on and look out for.

Firstly, entries closed at the end of July and after checking e-mails from last year,it looks like the list of films in the festival should be released around the middle of September.  This leaves us here at Corridorstyle HQ a frantic few weeks of hardcore (ahem) writing to keep you updated with the details of as many films as is humanly possible, hopefully our friendship will still be intact after we have our third argument about who has to try and find out details on the films in the Catalan Focus section, time will tell.

Secondly, it’s always worth keeping an eye on the films that are shown at Frightfest as there are some very close relationships between them and the guys at the Sitges Festival. Looking at their programme, I would expect that Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark will probably be shown due to the Del Toro link, but the ones I would really like to see at Sitges are Kill List and A Night In The Woods.

One final thing to point out is that perennial floating-turd of a director Ti West has got a film showing at Frightfest called The Innkeepers. After the ticket money he’s stolen from us at previous festivals, here’s hoping Angel Sala has given this a wide berth. However, if it is shown, expect to see a short fat bloke and a tall thin bloke in a funny hat protesting outside the cinema.

Keep checking back for updates, we’ll be posting news as soon as it’s available.

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