Why We Keep Coming Back For More 2006

By the time 2006 and our fourth visit to the festival rolled around we were on the brink of adopting Korea as our mother nation and changing our names to Park and Lee, so impressed had we been by previous offerings from the likes of Park Chan-wook, Ryoo Seung-wan, and Kim Ji-woon. However, even with the impressive MEMORIES OF MURDER  in his locker, Bong Joon-ho let the side down with the pretty abysmal THE HOST.

Fortunately for us, Europe stepped into the breach and delivered the goods with THE UNGODLY and LA CAJA KOVAK (Spain), THE SCIENCE OF SLEEP and RENAISSANCE (France), and PRINCESS (Denmark). The U.S actually stole the show (as they like to do) with Rian Johnson’s incredible debut BRICK, but they were all class acts in their own way. However, it’s RENAISSANCE and PRINCESS that we want to remember here as they fall into a category of Sitges we’ve still not fully got to grips with. Animation.

We’re certainly no connoisseurs of animated films and probably still guilty of calling them cartoons (something that would no doubt get us a kicking from all the 8 year old fan boys), but we’ve come a long way in a short time and that’s entirely down to the fact that the festival doesn’t exactly screen Tom and Jerry re-runs.

Still a genre that’s a bit hit-and-miss for us (Oh how you enjoyed GHOST IN THE SHELL and GENIUS PARTY Shaun. Ahem!) but here are a few that hit harder than an ACME anvil:


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