Artificial Intelligence A.I Confirmed As The Inspiration For Sitges 2011

So it’s now official. This year’s program will draw inspiration from the world of artificial intelligence, something we’re very familiar with here at Corridorstyle. Being artificially intelligent.

Not a great deal of additional information to go on for now (below) but, Holy Kimichi!, the first thing that does jump out is the inclusion of HWANGHAE (The Yellow Sea), Hong jin-Na’s follow up to 2008’s masterpiece THE CHASER. Having captured incredible performances from Yun seok-Kim and Jung woo-Ha in his first film, it will be great to see Na pitch them both into battle again.

SITGES 2011, an edition inspired by artificial intelligence

EVA, by Kike Maillo, will be opening the festival’s 44th edition

Program Preview




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