Sitges Announce Films For “Noves Visions” Section

Wow! Prophetic stuff from my esteemed colleague and hair-style consultant with his previous post forewarning of imminent festival news. The organizers obviously follow our site closely and have therefore decided to release the program for the festival’s NOVES VISIONS section.

With this list of film titles we can now take our first step on the long and winding road to establishing our own personal program of must-see films. However, straight off the bat Abel Ferrara’s name jumps off the page along with his film 4:44: THE LAST DAY ON EARTH. Not a great deal to go on for this film but here we’re less interested in the film and more interested to see how off-his-tits Abel will be at the post-screening Q&A.

BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW was a film I’d ear-marked so it’s good to see that’s made the list (yes Shaun, I will spit my dummy out if you don’t let us go see it), and what’s not to love about the prospect of viewing an offering from our Korean brethren titled INVASION OF THE ALIEN BIKINI.

We’re excited, are you?

Over the coming weeks the festival program will begin to flesh out and we’ll be adding our thoughts and comments as we try to hone our short-list. Stay tuned.

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