We’re Back!!!

So, like a family of small woodland animals we appear blinking into the spring daylight, still dazed from our six month hibernation.

And we’ve actually got some news for you……..the dates for this year’s Sitges Festival Internacional De Cinema De Catalunya have been announced. It’s a little later than usual,7th to 17th October, and the first issue that has immediately come up is that, as this clashes with Hispanic Day on October 12th, hotel rooms appear to be more expensive and very much in demand so get ’em booked up early.

As usual we’ll be bringing you news and previews of as many of the films that are being shown as is humanly possible and once the festival begins we’ll be blogging (eventually!) and tweeting all of our exploits and thoughts on the films we’re seeing.

Keep an eye out for more news as it comes.

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