Sitges 2009 – Our Festival Review

Sitges09Well we just about kept you up to date with our festival daily Blog (it was technically delivered daily, it just happened to be 4 or 5 days late) and those of you who made it to Sitges will have no doubt formed your own thoughts and opinions on the success or otherwise of this years event.

For the record, here’s how we think things turned out with OUR 2009 FESTIVAL REVIEW

It’s a long wait until the 43rd edition of Sitges so, in the meantime, we’ll revert to posting our general thoughts on all things cinematic, musical, artistic or pretty much anything we damn well please. Pop in from time to time or follow us via Twitter or RSS . We’re never the most prolific of posters but when we do, we’d like to think that it’s from the heart.

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