Potential Sitges Film Speculation Number One

We’ll be absolutely honest, we have no insight whatsoever into what’s actually going to be showing at the festival this year but who cares – it’s getting closer and time to get excited! Over the coming weeks we’ll be posting details of more films we think could be there

The first film we think might have a chance is the Korean film ‘I Saw The Devil’:

Ok…take the stars of Oldboy and  A Bittersweet Life (two of our all-time favourites) and add in the director of The Good, The Bad, the Weird and I think the only way we’d be more excited about a film is if they gave you free beers on the way in.

It looks to have all of the moodyness of The Chaser and A Bittersweet Life and  with Lee Byung-Hun playing a vengeful husband  and Choi Min-Sik playing the killer of his wife, if it is on at Sitges it’s already guaranteed to be one of our must sees.

There’s usually a healthy supply of Korean films at the festival and there’s a couple more on the horizon we’ll be letting you have details of over the coming days, and if they all make it they could make this year’s fest the year of the moody Korean drama.

Fingers and everything are definitely crossed!

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