Dir: Thomas Cappelen Malling; 2010; Norway; Action/Comedy; Mads Ousdal.

Norwegian Ninja. Two words not often associated with each other. Couple the film’s title with the fact that this comes from the same people that last year brought Sitges a bunch of zombie nazis in Tommy Wirkola’s DEAD SNOW and you may be forgiven for thinking this film won’t be taking itself too seriously.

But wait! Punch the name of the film’s protagonist, Arne Treholt, into Wikipedia and you may find yourself reconsidering. Ninjas in Norway! Surely not. Then again….

For us this is going to follow in the snowy footsteps of DEAD SNOW and take a seat on our subs bench until the festival program fleshes out, though it’s looking promising from the trailer. Check it out for yourself below:

IMDB entry for Norwegian Ninja

Official Site

Wise words:

Twitch on Norwegian Ninja


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