Dead Snow

dead snow

Dir. Tommy Wirkola; Norway; 2009; Horror/comedy/Zombie; Charlotte Frogner, Orjan Gamst; 91 mins

Under the sub-category “Genre”, IMDB’s entry for DEAD SNOW ambitiously claims the film to be at once Action/adventure/comedy/drama/horror/mystery/thriller. Those industrious Norwegians. It could be that some of the film’s reviewers sat down expecting to receive such a Christmas hamper of genre, only to leave feeling cheated out of  their fair share of, turkey, Speilberg, Hitchcock or even Miss Marples. For me, the poster and synopsis leave me in no doubt as to what type of film to expect and  my only consideration is then, “do I want to see a film of this type” and, “has the director delivered a watchable example of this type of film”.

I like a bit of Zombie/comedy, and more so at Sitges. It would appear that Wirkola is a fan of the genre and has the technical ability to deliver. There is, however, often a feeling at Sitges that you could be sat in the wrong theatre at the wrong time, while something more tasty is going on around the corner.

This then is on the subs bench until we have the chance to assess the complete list of entrants and finalised film program.

Perhaps you can make your mind up here and now…..

IMDB entry for Dead Snow

Official site for Dead Snow

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