Why We Keep Coming Back For More 2004

Having liked what we saw in 2003 we were quick to book our return to the festival, even attempting to prepare somewhat with a little research into the films on show. The problem with Sitges is that a little knowledge can be dangerous as we soon found out with THE BIRTHDAY. Shaun’s taking the rap for this one as he called it based purely on the involvement of Corey Feldmen. A return to former 80’s glory for Corey this wasn’t.

Fortunately for us and the festival 2004 was also the year of OLDBOY, PRIMER, THE MACHINIST, & ARAHAN. Four absolute belters and the films that would go on to define our love for the festival. For pure indulgence we’ve also included the opening scene from Johnnie To’s BREAKING NEWS. In the subsequent years Mr To has done his best to alienate us but perhaps it’s down to this 7 minute uncut introduction to his style of Hong Kong action that we keep giving him another chance.


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