We’re Branching Out!

Much like any relationship, there comes a time when you’re eye starts wandering and maybe you feel like trying something new. So, with that in mind, and also the fact that one of us us a resident in Portugal, it looks like this year we’ll also be covering the Fantasporto festival which runs from 25th February until the 5th March.

You can find out more about Fantasporto HERE, and it seems to be very similar to Sitges in that it’s focus is the fantasy/horror genre and it’s also part of the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation. The film program hasn’t been announced yet but we’ll keep you updated.

Don’t panic, we’ll still be covering Sitges and you’ll still be able to marvel at our super-human ability to drink ’til 4 in the morning and still watch a Korean animated film at 9am.

For now, keep it Corridorstyle.


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