Heartless to show at Sitges

heartlessWe’ve only just picked this up and there’s nothing official yet on the Sitges website but it would appear that Philip Ridley’s HEARTLESS will be showing at the festival.

A little ashamed to say that, of Ridley’s previous work, I’ve only seen THE KRAYS but Todd Brown over at Twitch Films and Mark Kermode (of all people) at the Beeb have piqued my interest to catch this one.

I was impressed with Jim Sturgess in ACROSS THE UNIVERSE and only recently got around to watching IN BRUGES where Clemence Poesy was certainly easy on the eye and handled herself comfortably across from Colin Farrell

From a link over at IMDB it would appear that Todd Brown has also churned out a review of HEARTLESS from the FRIGHTFEST screening but the link’s presently not working. Come on Todd, don’t hold out on us.

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7 thoughts on “Heartless to show at Sitges

    1. The QE review threw me a little at first too but then going on to read the review’s comments/responses it would appear some members of the Frightfest audience disagree with Ben Austwick’s (the reviewer) opinion quite strongly.

    1. I’m guessing “Oficial Fantastic” and I assume the makers of the film would like to see it “in competition”. I wouldn’t mind reading a little more feedback on the film following Frightfest as this review from QuietEarth gives off mixed signals

    1. News popped up on Twitter from one of the film’s producers but it’s yet to be confirmed by the festival. Having just screened at Frightfest I’d say it’s pretty certain to show at Sitges. It’s now down on our list to see too.

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