Coppola To Attend Sitges?

TEL00080007092aThis is totally unconfirmed but I think there’s a chance that the great Francis Ford Coppola will be attending Sitges this year. This is based on Tweets that I saw over the weekend, however I think they were in Catalan and unfortunately my Catalan is about as good as my Mandarin Chinese.

It would kind of make sense as I believe he’s visited Sitges a couple of times but from what I can see it wasn’t necessarily to the festival, it was to visit a restaurant called Al Fresco which had been recommended to him whilst he was visiting Barcelona.  Also, his film ‘Youth Without Youth’ is showing in the Seven Chances section and he’s also got a new film out soon called ‘Tetro’ which could potentially be shown as a surprise session?

Let us know if you’ve heard anything.

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