Dir: Vincent Lannoo; 2009; Belgium; Comedy / Horror; Paul Ahmarani, Julien Dore, Carlo Ferrante; 88 Min.

We’ve been burnt with the ‘faux-documentary’ before (see American Zombie) but this has had really good reviews pretty much throughout.

In virtually all of the reviews I’ve seen it’s been compared to the early 90’s fake-doc Man Bites Dog, which I’ve got to admit I haven’t see yet but will make a point of doing before the festival. The trailer looks really good fun, I’m just not sure if the joke can be strung out to a full length film.

I’ll be honest, this isn’t on the must-see list but it’s definitely on the ‘will see if nothing else is on’ list. I promise I’ll start publishing these lists soon.

IMDB Link For Vampires

Wise Words:

Quiet Earth on Vampires

Eye For Film on Vampires


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