Trash Humpers

Dir: Harmony Korine; 2010; Horror; USA; Paul Booker, David Cloud, Chris Crofton; 78 Mins.

Hamony Korine’s films have always created controversy, and it looks like this could be one of his most controversial. The premise is that it’s a ‘found’ VHS tape showing redneck pensioners in the US and some of the debauched things they get up to.

The reality is that it’s Korine’s friends in pensioner masks doing obscene stunts such as shagging rubbush bins, fighting etc. There seem to have been numerous walkouts whenever this film has been screened, but there’s not much detail as to if the walkouts are because the film is so bad, or really offensive.

There’s part of me that thinks we should go and see this just to see what all of the fuss is about, but experience tells me that this is probably going to really wind me up and I’ll probably end up becoming one of the people who walked out.

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