Thirteen Assassins

Dir. Takashi Miike; 2010; Japan; Action; Koji Yakusho

Miike is prolific to say the least and seems to have a film showing every year at Sitges, even managing two at last year’s festival (see our CROWS ZERO 2 and YATTERMAN previews for our Miike thoughts last year). Perhaps a sign then that we’ve somehow swerved watching any over the years, even the Tarantino starring SUKIYAKI WESTERN DJANGO which picked up a couple of awards at the festival in 2007.

For the record I will state that I’ve seen ICHI THE KILLER but that may be the only Miike itch we’re going to scratch as our first instinct is that 13 ASSASSINS won’t be bucking our Miike trend in 2010. However, I note with interest that Miike has also completed ZEBRAMAN 2: ATTACK ON ZEBRA CITY this year and if the organisers were to add that to the festival program we may just have to join the queue as Zebraman happens to be the hero of THE GODFATHER OF SITGES – THE OCHO.

Official site

IMDB entry for Thirteen assassins

Wise words:

We’re speechless at the moment


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