The Ward

Dir. John Carpenter; 2010; USA; Horror; Amber Heard

We are suckers for a big name draw so Carpenter at Sitges has certainly made us sit up. The festival honoured JC  with a “Maquina del tiempo” award back in 2008 but the silverware had to be hand delivered to Carpenter’s LA home by festival director Angel Sala. What chance the big man turning up to take a bow in person this year?

The early reviews suggest a return to form of sorts and we’ve a feeling the Catalan crowd will provide plenty of atmospheric love for the genre God that is Carpenter. Perhaps the added spook of a late night screening may convince us to swallow the bait but a question we often ask ourselves is… we need to catch this film at Sitges or will it be appearing at a multiplex near us any time soon? Decisions, decisions.

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