Dir: The Butcher Brothers; 2010; USA; Horror/comedy; Bret Roberts, Cory Knauf, Christina Prousalis; 95mins

We know we’re not totally entering into the spirit of Sitges by missing out on the blood-fest that is “The Midnight extreme”, but we’re weak willed and the temptation to sit in a bar discussing the day’s earlier films over a schooner of Tio Pepe is usually too great to resist.

That said, we have been swayed in the past when our curiosity has been piqued by the right plot line or internet buzz. Unfortunately, the feedback from the festival circuit for  THE VIOLENT KIND has me reaching for that second schooner of Tio Pepe.

You can read more on the “plot” by following the links below but this kind of blood splattered horror/comedy has to bring something extra to the party to get 100 minutes out of me after midnight. Genuinely witty and likable characters using original and suitably over the top ways to off those hard to shift demonic stains is not a bad place to start. Covering some of Hollywood’s up and coming hotties in corn syrup and running them through their paces and as many genre-mashes as possible…ain’t.

(though I might be tempted to go see it if Christina Prousalis – Megan – is going to be around signing autographs afterwards. Gee whizz! She’s puurdy)

IMDB entry for The Violent Kind

Wise words:

Dreadcentral on The Violent Kind

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