The People Vs George Lucas

Dir: Alexandre O. Philippe; 2010; Documentary; USA/UK; Gary Kurtz, George Lucas, Neil Gaiman.

I’m going to put it out on front street that I am a huge Star Wars nerd and normally the idea of a documentary with even the slightest link to Star Wars would have me as excited as a pissing puppy.

However, after watching the trailer to this I’ve got a real feeling that this will make me angry. It appears that it’s basically going to be 90 minutes of grown men whining about how a filmmaker ‘raped their childhood’.  Star Wars was a huge part of my childhood and even now I still love those films, but essentially that’s all they are – films.

To me, the idea of a 40 year old guy complaining about how let down he feels by a CGI character in a film is completely ridiculous, and the idea that some people think that Lucas has some sort of responsibility to them is absolutely ludicrous. If all they’ve got to complain about in their lives is the fact that they didn’t like the Star Wars prequels, then they are obviously doing a lot better than me.

That said, I’m pretty sure we’ll go an watch this.

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