The New Daughter

Dir: Luis Berdejo; 2010; USA; Horror / Thriller; Kevin Costner, Samantha Mathis, Ivana Baquero; Noah Taylor; 108 mins.

A straight-to-DVD horror starring Kevin Costner would normally have me giving this a wider berth than the salad bar in pizza hut.

However, the fact that the director is the same guy who wrote REC and also the fact that a lot of the reviews are surprisingly quite good, means that I’m tempted to put my Anti-Costner prejudices behind be and give this a go.

Plus I’ll pretty much give anything a try starring my teenage fantasy, Pump Up The Volume’s Samantha Mathis.

IMDB Page For A New Daughter

Wise Words:

Cinemablend on The New Daughter

Bloody Disgusting on The New Daughter


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