The Last Exorcism

We’ve had some really good scares at Sitges over the years, not all of them due to us cocking up our travel plans on the way home and nearly missing our plane back.

The main ones that have left a mark have been Paranormal Activity and The Exorcism Of Emily Rose which freaked us out so much that all three of us nearly ended up top-to-toe in the same bed.

It’s already attracted it’s fair share of buzz and good reviews following on from it’s showing at Cannes, and it’s also the main headlining film at Frightfest, which usually means it’s got something about it. Also, don’t write off an appearance at the festival of it’s Executive Producer Eli Roth, who trod the red carpet with Tarantino way back when they were promoting Hostel.

Official Site for The Last Exorcism

IMDB Link for The Last Exorcism

Wise Words:

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2 thoughts on “The Last Exorcism

  1. Watched The Last Exorcism last night, the film is very good and scary in places, The actor who plays Rev Cotton Marcus is exellent, however, the ending of the film is very poor, I think I feel The Last Exorcism 2 coming on

    1. Mr.D! As Corridorstyle’s intrepid horror reviewer we take your opinion as gospel. In which case, instead of going to see Exorcism while I’m at the festival, I’ll spend the 2 hours in El Cable sampling their Vermouth collection. I’ll report back when I’m sober.

      Thanks for the feedback.


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