Sound Of Noise

Dir: Johannes Stjarne Nilsson & Ola Simonsson; 2010; Sweden; Comedy / Crime / Musical; Bengt Nilsson;

The idea of a Swedish Cop Musical isn’t that appealing to me, but after a bollocking from Colin about being a bit less negative regarding some of these films, I promise to keep an open mind.

What I would say is that looking at the footage of this on YouTube, it’s a great looking film. With the exception of Grease I can’t think of another musical I’ve ever really enjoyed, but in the spirit of keeping an open mind, I will definitely consider this when the programme is announced.

IMDB Page for Sound Of Noise

Wise Words:

Variety on Sound Of Noise

The Hollywood Reporter on Sound Of Noise


There isn’t a formal trailer but this is the closest I could find…

One thought on “Sound Of Noise

  1. Blues Brothers? (Yes! That counts as a musical God dammit!)

    Sweeney Todd?

    And your Dad told me you watch The Sound Of Music every Christmas

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