Dir: Kongkiat Khomsiri; 2009; Thailand; Thriller; Arak Amornsupasiri; 99 mins

The team behind SLICE, Wisit Sasanatieng/Kongkiat Khomsiri, can boast impressive individual credentials. As writer/director for TEARS OF THE BLACK TIGER and CITIZEN DOG (screened at Sitges in 2005) Sasanatieng has already shown a diverse array of talent, and Khomsiri has demonstrated his taste for blood with his involvement in the ART OF THE DEVIL films.

Having subsequently joined forces, SLICE will be the duo’s third collaboration (following MUAY THAI CHAIYA and THE UNSEEABLE) and another opportunity to blend a cocktail of their combined creative juices.

SLICE’s premise of a serial killer exacting gruesome justice on some of society’s sexual deviants will likely benefit from Sasanatieng’s impressive visual style and Khomsiri’s talent for gore. However, reviews would suggest that a large chunk of the film is lent over to childhood flash backs and friendship back story, something we often find overly sentimental in Asian films and not really our thing (20TH CENTURY BOYS anyone?)

This may still get our initial attention as we are suckers for a bit of graphically depicted violence (just on the silver screen you understand) but a walkout could ensue once the string section swells and the camera takes on an all too familiar soft focus.

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Official site

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