Youth without Youth


Dir. Francis Ford Coppola; USA; 2007; Drama/Mystery/Romance; Tim Roth, Alexandra Maria Lara; 124 mins

The team have already seen this so we could provide a review instead of a Sitges preview. However, we’re not going to. Well, no more than to say that this film is awful. It’s Coppola, it’s been 10 years, it’s really awful.

Sitges are showing this in their Seven Chances section. “Seven auteur films chosen by well respected critics”. Well I hope said critics are made to sit through all two hours and four minutes of this baffling dross. Perhaps they’ll make sense of it this time round.

As this was Coppola’s first for 10 years they all crawled out of the woodwork to wax lyrical. Have a read through and email us if you actually still want to see it

IMDB entry for Youth without youth

Wise words:

Roger Ebert on Youth without youth on Youth without youth

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