Dir. Ridley Scott; UK/USA; 1979; Sci-Fi/Horror/Thriller; Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skerritt, 116 mins

The Sitges website advises that they will be screening Scott’s “favourite version” of the film. Now whether this specifically implies the “Director’s cut” or not doesn’t really matter as the chance to see this classic on the big screen, Sitges’ Auditori big screen (and big sound) at that, is enough to justify visiting the festival alone.

Having been blown away at Sitges 2007 by the Auditori’s screening of Scott’s digitally remastered BLADE RUNNER, I can’t wait to again regress to my childhood as The Auditori’s perfect visual and audio capabilities has me cowering behind my seat as ALIEN stalks The Nostromo’s corridors once more (and I get a second adolescent look at Sigourney slipping into her spacesuit)

As with BLADE RUNNER, Sitges have promised that ALIEN related guests will be in attendance. Scott never made it in 2007 so here’s hoping he’s found an opening in his diary this year.

It’s been 30 years so you’ve no doubt seen the film (a hundred times) before but classics are classics and big screen viewings are how they were meant to be seen. Most will have their own personal opinions and memories of the film but here are a few more to get the slime flowing

IMDB entry for Alien

Word up:

Roger Ebert on Alien

Four word film review on Alien

The Auteurs on Alien

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