Dir. Shin Jeong-won; South Korea; 2009; Horror; Eom Tae-woong, Yoon Jae-moon; 121 mins

Had this set out to be an outright horror then I imagine we would have written it off as hogwash and looked instead for something pigger and better. However, reviews put it in black comedy territory and we connect well with Korea’s humorous dark side (there’s none more surprised than us in that respect).

Putting to one side the creature itself, the reviews suggest that the director/writer and his cast have pulled together the necessary elements and performances to create nothing more or less than an entertaining film. That alone can often be enough to justify the price of the ticket, but throw in the fact that it’s a Korean black comedy, showing at Sitges, and there’s a chance it’ll be on at the Auditori, this could bring home the bacon.

IMDB entry for Chaw

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