goemonDir. Kazuaki Kiriya; Japan; 2009; Action/Drama; Yosuke Eguchi, Takao Osawa; 128 mins

We saw Kiriya’s last film CASSHERN at sitges in 2004 and while my recollection is a little sketchy, I do remember that I was pretty clueless as to what was going on for most if not all of the film. However, it was visually interesting and it would appear from the trailer that Kiriya has adopted a similar style with Goemon.

The “Robin Hood” story line should at least provide some cohesive elements to grab hold of, however, I’m guessing it’s the visuals that audiences will show up for. This will no doubt crunch the commercial numbers in Japan and may attract a specific following worldwide from those who’s buttons it pushes, however, I’m thinking it’s not really CorridorStyle’s bag and will more than likely get side-stepped for whatever else is occupying that particular time slot. Unless of course that happens to star Nicolas Cage in which case we’ll be off to El Cable for a bottle of red and a Matrix re-run.

But maybe we lean a little too much towards Korea to fully appreciate Japan. See what you think

IMDB entry for Goemon

Official site for Goemon

Wise words:

The Japan Times on Goemon

Screamin Deamon on Goemon (including Trailer)

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