The Countess

the countessDir. Julie Delpy; France/Germany; 2009; Drama/History/Thriller; Julie Delpy, William Hurt; 94mins

Forgive my bluntness but, we won’t be going to see this. I can see why it’s appearing at Sitges. A film about Elizabeth Bathroy, “The Blood Countess”, who murdered virgins so that she could bathe in their blood in an attempt to retain youth and, in so doing, the younger man she had  fallen in love with.

Delpy and Hurt are certainly fine actors and the trailer shows that Delpy has heaped plenty of production value into this 16th century period piece. However, it is a period piece and the story appears to follow more the countess’ tragic, and very drawn out, tale of love lost and found, than how she sliced and diced her way to a more youthful complexion.

Then again we’re moody here at CorridorStyle so don’t take our take on it…….

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