Solomon Kane


Dir: Michael J Bassett; 2009; Action/Adventure/Fantasy; France/UK/Czech Republic; James Purefoy, Jason Flemyng

I’m not much of a sword and socery kind of guy but rave reviews from this year’s TIFF and a glowing reference from Twitch’s Todd Brown are enough to get me interested.

IMDB entry for Solomon Kane

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Twitchfilm on Solomon Kane

FearNet on Solomon Kane


2 thoughts on “Solomon Kane

  1. I’ve been a fan of Robert E. Howard’s stories for a very long time and got a chance to see “Solomon Kane” at the Fastastic Fest in Austin. In my opinion, it’s the best sword and sorcery film ever made. Period. Terrific production values, great cinematography, and a classic score by Klaus Badelt. James Purefoy absolutely nails the role of the title character, a dark clad Puritan who wanders the world, destroying evil, both supernatural and man-made. Director Michael J. Bassett is a horror guy in his bones, so there are plenty of creepy witches, wizards and ghouls to face his deadly sword. Highly recommended.

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