orphanDir. Jaume Collet-Serra; USA; 2009; Drama/Horror; Peter Sarsgaard, Vera Farmiga; 123mins

I can give a “THIRST’ style preview here and say that ORPHAN immediately made our “must-see” list as soon as I saw Peter Sarsgaard’s name attached. The fact that Vera Farmiga’s name was next out of the hat just put it on the list twice (not only can she act but, boy! she’s nice to look at) However, in my new incarnation as a serious film critic (ahem!), I’ll continue with a look at other whys and wherefores.

Shows you what we know. Perhaps Sarsgaad and Farmiga appear thanks in part to producer Di Caprio, however, from the reviews it would appear that the child actors upstage the grown-ups, especially Isabelle Fuhrman as the orphan with a very dark, dark secret. My feeling now is that this one’s worth watching for her apparently chilling performance alone.

Collet-Serra is Barcelona born and bred which should see a partisan Catalan audience add intensity to the atmosphere, ready and willing to jump and scream at every turn. And it would appear that Collet-Serra won’t disappoint as he dishes up more than his fair share of horror, gore and claret. So this could be one for a late night screening at the Auditori resulting, no doubt, in a subsequent brisk walk past the  Sitges cemetery back into town.

So it’s made our list, but will it make yours? Read on to decide for yourself……

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