Dir: Erik Van Looy; 2008; Belgium; 118 Mins; Crime/Drama; Koen De Bouw, Filip Peeters

From the trailer this looks like it’s nothing more than the Dutch version of Eastenders, or Days Of Our Lives if you’re in the U.S.

I was prettty much going to write this off until I read this in the Variety review (see link below)

“Lenser Danny Elsen and editor Phillipe Ravoet (both “Memory” alumni) are able students of the Michael Mann and David Fincher schools of cool, with a nod to Brian De Palma in a standout sequence at a casino. Art director Kurt Loyens’ stark contempo interiors underline the emptiness of the characters’ lives.”

I know that just looking good isn’t enough to make a great movie, but I will now definitely consider giving this a view.

IMDB entry for Loft

Official Site

Wise Words:

Yahoo on Loft

Variety on Loft


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