Kynodontas – Our Sitges Preview


Dir: Giorgios Lanthimos; Greece; Drama; Christos Stergioglou, Michelle Valley; 94 min

Ok. I’m going to put something out there, if you like it you can take it, if not you can throw it right back…….this film looks weird as fuck.

We saw a greek film at Sitges last year called ‘Tale 52’ and to be honest, it was so far out there it met itself on the way back in (does that actually mean anything???), and this one looks like more of the same.

Looks like it went down pretty well when it played at Cannes, but details are a little bit scant. Could be a festival classic or could be a stinker, I suspect we’ll check it out if nothing else is on.

IMDB Link for Kynodontas

Screen Daily Review For Kynodontas

Wise Words

Quiet Earth (includes trailer)

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