Enter the void


Dir. Gaspar Noe; France/Germany/Italy; 2009; Drama; Nathaniel Brown, Paz de la Huerta; 163 (0r 135 cut)mins

Until the official Sitges program arrives we don’t know which cut we’re going to get. The 135 minute version may already be too much of an ask (wake up Shaun, it’s finished) but I’m guessing that, should the near-3 hour marathon arrive in the can, we’ll have better things to do with our time.

The film’s length aside, I am quite interested in the way it looks. Variety seems to have a problem with “.. far too many sweeping shots of neon-bathed Tokyo at night”. I’m wondering if it’s possible to have TOO many sweeping shots of Tokyo, a cinematic city second only to NYC for team CS.

However, Noe’s use of the camera in the first person for long uninterrupted segments may eventually prove a little tedious so we’ll instead have to deal with a story that appears to address birth, death, and the bit in between, although perhaps not in the detail such subjects merit.

There does however appear to be adequate amounts of nudity and sex and Paz de la Huerta does play a stripper………..What?! I’m just pointing it out in the interest of providing a complete preview.

This one remains warming the subs bench then until Sitges let us know which cut they’re screening.

IMDB entry for Enter the void

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