Black Dynamite


Dir. Scott Sanders; USA; 2009; Action/Comedy; Michael Jai White, Arsenio Hall

The reviews have me questioning the contents of this year’s Sitges suitcase, and whether to have my haircut. Can I grow a ‘fro before I go?  Would Spanish customs allow me through with nunchuks in my hand luggage?

Considering the film’s reviews, and the fact that this will be shown as part of Sitges’ “Midnight Extreme” section, I’m thinking we should dress up as a couple of extras from SHAFT and get soulful on this film’s badass……… doubt ending up looking like a couple of Jive turkeys.

It sounds like Sanders has left no ‘fro uncombed in spoofing the Blaxploitation films of the 70’s, both visually and in the writing, and with real life bad Mutha’ Michael Jai White (he’s got 26 karate titles you know) in the lead, and legend fight choreographer Roger Yuan on board, we could have some serious badass kung fu thrown in for good measure.

I think Sitges have got this right by making it a late night showing too. Having watched Tarantiono/Rodriguez’s GINDHOUSE bring down the house at a midnight showing in 2007, I can see BLACK DYNAMITE raising it to the ground this year too.

We’re on board the soul train but will you be……….?

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