Oblivion island: Haruka and the magic mirror


Dir. Shinsuke Sato; Japan; 2009; Animation; 99 mins

This looks to be a visually impressive first animated feature from Sato, however, although it was released in Japan last month we’ve been unable to find anything to go on other than the visuals (see below) so you’ll have to make do with this synopsis from the Sitges site:

If you ever asked yourself where the treasures from your childhood wind up, it would be a good idea to follow the steps of young Haruka, because she is about to discover the secret on an unexpected trip. None other than to the island of forgotten memories, a world that’s invisible to humans and built over those objects we would eventually put aside as we grew up. Warm and intimate, the first animated feature from Japanese filmmaker Shinsuke Sato is a three dimensional feast that appeals to both children and grownups alike where adventures succeed each other at a dizzy pace.

Just a personal choice but this is of little interest to us and we definitely won’t be going to see it.

IMDB entry for Oblivion island

Official site for Oblivion island (Japanese)

Wise words:

……are sometimes hard to come by……

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