My neighbor Totoro


Dir. Hayao Miyazaki; Japan; 1988; 87 mins

Miyazaki is widely regarded as a master by those who know and is well loved by the festival. Classics such as 2001’s SPIRITED AWAY and 2004’s HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE were internationally acclaimed, as was last year’s PONYO ON THE CLIFF which, as we’ve already owned up to, we had tickets to but instead opted for beers in Barcelona.

Here Sitges tips it’s hat once more with a screening of  one of Miyazaki’s older classic. A film that IMDB sticks in ahead of SHREK and just behind TOY STORY2 on its list of best family films of all time. This will no doubt be a must for Miyazaki fans but unfortunately gets a “pass” from team CS. We’re just not that into this style of animation I’m afraid.

IMDB entry for My neighbor Totoro

Wise words:

Roger Ebert on My neighbor Totoro

Beyond Hollywood on My neighbor Totoro

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