In the attic: Who has a birthday today

in the attic

Dir. Jiri Barta; 2009; Czech Republic; Animation; 74 mins

Now, for reasons I won’t go into here, I’ve a soft spot for the Czech Republic. I’m also a bit of a grown up kid at times so an animated film aimed at “children, but also adults who haven’t lost their sense of imagination or joy of playing” would be something I could possibly enjoy.

This will no doubt  have some children (or adults with their sense of imagination intact) watching with mouths  agape, but the purpose of our Sitges previews is firstly, to provide you  with a one-stop-shop to form your own opinions and, secondly, let you know what we think we’ll be catching at the festival.  Safe to say, this ‘aint it.

IMDB entry for In the attic

Official site for In the attic

Wise words: on In the attic

note: The trailer on the film’s official site (see link above) has English subtitles

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