First squad. The moment of truth


Dir. Yoshiharu Ashino; Russia/Japan; 2009; Animation/Action; 73 mins

Animation is always a tricky one for Corridorstyle as we’re lacking in any real depth of knowledge or taste (we had tickets for PONYO ON THE CLIFF at last year’s festival but opted instead for beers in Barcelona – many have subsequently referred to PONYO as a masterpiece) so our previews/reviews aren’t really worth the Blogspace they’re written on.

Trailers can sway us, and the trailer below is pretty cool, but I’m guessing that unless there’s a surprise appearance by ATHF’s meatwad somewhere in the film, we’ll be doing something else.

But hey!, I never liked Tom and Jerry at first so what do I know…….

IMDB entry for First squad

Official site for First squad

Wise words:

Quiet Earth on First squad

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