Dir: Quentin Dupieux; 2010; France; Horror / Comedy / Mystery / Sci-Fi; Thomas F Duffy; 85 Mins.

I like the idea that this is described as “angry sentient tyre that explodes peoples’ heads using psycho-kinetic powers”. I’m not quite sure what that means but couple this with the weird looking trailer and the fact the the director is also known as Mr Oizo and did the Flat Beat song, I am definitely intrigued.

There’s a pretty big ‘however’ coming though. In pretty much all of the reviews I’ve seen, they all say the same thing. That this is a really interesting premise and starts well but there is no substance to add to a clever idea.

I think this will be added to the ‘films we’ll watch if we’ve got nothing else to do’ pile.

Official Site For Rubber

IMDB Page For Rubber

Wise Words:

Twitch on Rubber

First Showing on Rubber


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