Red, White And Blue

Dir: Simon Rumley; 2010; Drama / Mystery / Thriller; USA; Noah Taylor, Amanda Fuller

I’m a sucker for a good old fashioned revenge movie, and reading the various information about this suggests that it could be right up my street.

Simon Rumley first came to our attention when he won best short at Sitges back in ’06, and although we didn’t get chance to see The Living And The Dead, he’s always been on our radar as one to look out for (you can find out more about Simon HERE).

I’ve always liked the lead actor, Noah Taylor, despite never knowing his name and I love the idea of this violent, sexy revenge drama set in Texas – I’ve got visions of it being like an episode of Friday Night Lights where they all end up killing each other.

The synopsis is below, I’ve added this to my ‘want to see’ list:

Erica is a young woman living in Austin who is very promiscous, picking up men left and right but dumping them immediately after sex, never allowing anyone to get close. This changes when she gets better acquainted with her new neighbor called Nate. He is a quiet man, slightly creepy even but he stubbornly persists in being kind to her.

They start to become friends but if I told what happens next I would be spoiling things. Suffice to say that Erica and Nate both have very different, unrelated pasts, and when these meet things get… painful.

Official Site For Red, White & Blue

IMDB Page For Red, White & Blue

Wise Words:

Twitch on Red, White & Blue

Bloody Disgusting on Red, White & Blue


It appears that the trailer has been taken down from YouTube but you can see it via the links above.

One thought on “Red, White And Blue

  1. It better be good. Simon’s screenplay for “The Handyman” beat my very own entry “Fools rush in” (options still available…..) to win the British Short Screenplay Competition in 2007. And he was swanning around Sitges that same year with a smug look on his face just to rub it in.

    Well, although our careers have taken different paths since that pivotal victory I feel we’re both enjoying similar levels of success. Simon with a full blown film career and me with a co-curator role here on CorridorStyle films. Who’s looking smug now eh Simon?

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