Red Nights

Dir. Julien Carbon/Laurent Courtiaud; 2009; France/Hong Kong; Thriller; Frederique Bel; 98 mins.

Not a lot to go on here. Even though the film has been sitting around for over a year (alarm bells) it appears to have now popped up on the festival circuit. We were somewhat disappointed with last year’s French/Hong Kong combo from Johnnie To, VENGEANCE, and I can see us dropping the left shoulder on this one. The debutant duo directors previously worked with To as screenwriters for his 1999 RUNNING OUT OF TIME and that doesn’t fill us with confidence.

That said, it does look quite nice and it will be screened at TIFF in a couple of weeks so we’ll keep an eye out for any feedback and make our call then.

IMDB entry for Red Nights

Wise words:

Give us a chance will you!


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