Dir: Josh Reed; 2009; Australia; horror; Krew Boylan, zoe tuckwell-smith; 85 mins

First time out for writer/director Josh Reed but he comes from good Ozzie horror stock as he’s the son of Colin Eggleston, director of the 1978 classic LONG WEEKEND. (I’ve got it in my head that the 2008 remake of Long weekend starring James Caviezel was at Sitges but I can’t find any trace of it)

It would appear that Frightfest has the drop on Sitges for this so UK horror fans have the chance to glimpse the gore beforehand. As well as scheduled outings on the festival circuit PRIMAL has caught the eye of IFC films for it’s US video on demand audience (release date Sept 23rd 2010) and Anolis entertainment and Av pictures for the German and UK markets respectively.

So there is certainly a buzz building and from the official trailer (below) there appears to be plenty to wet the appetite of the festival midnight-extreme connoisseur. Australia has churned out some strong, sharp horror/thrillers in recent years but our guess is that PRIMAL favours outright shock and gore over any tension inducing mind games.

As already alluded to we need that something extra to get our blood flowing for the midnight extreme and we’re not convinced PRIMAL has got what it takes so it’s a “no” for now.

IMDB entry for Primal

Official site

Wise words:

Fearnet interview with Josh Reed

Anutshellreview on Primal


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